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    • Short contribution on adaptive behaviour of flood-prone companies: A pilot study of Dresden-Laubegast, Germany 

      Jehmlich, Caroline; Hudson, PaulORCIDiD; Thieken, Annegret H.ORCIDiD (Journal of Flood Risk Management, 2020)
      Integrated flood management strategies consider property-level precautionary measures as a vital part. Whereas this is a well-researched topic for residents, little is known about the adaptive behaviour of flood-prone ...
    • The behavioral turn in flood risk management, its assumptions and potential implications 

      Kuhlicke, ChristianORCIDiD; Seebauer, SebastianORCIDiD; Hudson, PaulORCIDiD; Begg, ChloeORCIDiD; Bubeck, PhilipORCIDiD; Dittmer, CordulaORCIDiD; Grothmann, TorstenORCIDiD; Heidenreich, AnnaORCIDiD; Kreibich, HeidiORCIDiD; Lorenz, Daniel F.ORCIDiD; Masson, TorstenORCIDiD; Reiter, JessicaORCIDiD; Thaler, ThomasORCIDiD; Thieken, Annegret H.ORCIDiD; Bamberg, SebastianORCIDiD (Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 2020-03-09)
      Recent policy changes highlight the need for citizens to take adaptive actions to reduce flood‐related impacts. Here, we argue that these changes represent a wider behavioral turn in flood risk management (FRM). The ...