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    • Thermokarst Lake to Lagoon Transitions in Eastern Siberia: Do Submerged Taliks Refreeze? 

      Angelopoulos, MichaelORCIDiD; Overduin, Pier PaulORCIDiD; Westermann, SebastianORCIDiD; Tronicke, JensORCIDiD; Strauss, JensORCIDiD; Schirrmeister, LutzORCIDiD; Biskaborn, Boris K.ORCIDiD; Liebner, SusanneORCIDiD; Maksimov, Georgii; Grigoriev, Mikhail N.ORCIDiD; Grosse, GuidoORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 2020)
      As the Arctic coast erodes, it drains thermokarst lakes, transforming them into lagoons, and, eventually, integrates them into subsea permafrost. Lagoons represent the first stage of a thermokarst lake transition to a ...