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    • Unusual appearance of mother‐of‐pearl clouds above El Calafate, Argentina (50°21′S, 72°16′W) 

      Dörnbrack, AndreasORCIDiD; Kaifler, BerndORCIDiD; Kaifler, Natalie; Rapp, MarkusORCIDiD; Wildmann, Norman; Garhammer, Markus; Ohlmann, Klaus; Payne, James M.; Sandercock, Morgan; Austin, Elizabeth J. (Weather, 2020-10-31)
      Visual observations from the ground and from a glider soaring in the lowermost stratosphere revealed the existence of stratospheric mother‐of‐pearl clouds above El Calafate in the lee of the Andes on 11 September 2019. The ...