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    • Temporal declines in Wadden Sea phytoplankton cell volumes observed within and across species 

      Hillebrand, HelmutORCIDiD; Antonucci Di Carvalho, JosieORCIDiD; Dajka, Jan‐ClaasORCIDiD; Dürselen, Claus‐Dieter; Kerimoglu, OnurORCIDiD; Kuczynski, LucieORCIDiD; Rönn, Lena; Ryabov, AlexeyORCIDiD (Limnology and Oceanography, 2021-12-27)
      Cell size is a master trait in the functional ecology of phytoplankton correlating with numerous morphological, physiological, and life‐cycle characteristics of species that constrain their nutrient use, growth, and ...