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    • Testing Metallic Iron Filtration Systems for Decentralized Water Treatment at Pilot Scale 

      Tepong-Tsindé, Raoul; Crane, Richard; Noubactep, Chicgoua; Nassi, Achille; Ruppert, Hans (Water, 2015)
      There are many factors to consider for the design of appropriate water treatment systems including: cost, the concentration and type of biological and/or chemical contamination, concentration limits at which contaminant(s) ...
    • The Suitability of Pozzolan as Admixing Aggregate for Fe0-Based Filters 

      Ndé-Tchoupé, Arnaud; Makota, Suzanne; Nassi, Achille; Hu, Rui; Noubactep, Chicgoua (Water, 2018)
      Continuous gravity-fed column experiments using the methylene blue (MB) discoloration method were performed to characterize the suitability of a pozzolan (PZ) specimen as alternative admixing aggregate for metallic iron ...