Channelised and open-slope processes of mass sediment transport

their morphological and seismic characterisation from selected Atlantic high productivity regions


Sediment transport, high productivity, submarine canyon, submarine slide, excess pore-pressure, weak layers, slope failure. - The study investigates processes of mass sediment transport in two geologically unique Atlantic margins influenced by high primary productivity, i.e. the Mauritanian and Uruguayan margins. Whereas the Mauritanian margin is dominated by hyper-arid conditions, the Uruguayan margin, on the other hand, is dominated by fluvial sediment inputs. Investigations of the Mauritanian margin are centred on two major features, i.e. the Cap Timiris Canyon and the Mauritania Slide Complex, using combined analyses of hydroacoustic and high resolution multi-channel seismic (MCS) data. An area offshore Uruguay, which is dominated by extensive slope instabilities and mass sediment transport, was also investigated with high resolution MCS data. Results of the study suggest ...
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