Hydrogeology and drilling phase 1 for Scott Creek catchment


Scott Creek Catchment is the first of a number of catchments that will be used as case studies to investigate the sustainability of groundwater resources in the Mount Lofty Ranges over the next 45 years. This report provides a collation of background information for the Scott Creek Catchment including geological, hydrological, meteorological and surface water quality data. Site selection criteria, drilling methods, construction details and lithological logs are presented for the first phase of drilling in this catchment. A total of nine wells (one completed in the Quaternary alluvium and eight in the fractured Woolshed Flat Shale) were drilled at strategic locations on either side of Scott Creek upstream of the weir at Scott Bottom. These wells will be used for a variety of hydraulic and hydrochemical tests to define the local hydrogeology in terms of streamaquifer interactions and groundwater recharge and flow rates.
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