Deformation of the Onaping Formation in the NE-lobe of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada: Evidence for fold adjustment flow in the core of a km-scale fold


The synformal geometry of the 1.85Ga Sudbury Igneous Complex (SIC), an impact melt sheet resulting from largemagnitude meteorite impact, attests to post-impact deformation. However, in contrast to the overlying Onaping Formation, a heterolithic impact melt breccia, the SIC shows little evidence for pervasive ductile strain. This pertains in particular to its NE-lobe characterized by a curvature of about 100° in plain view. This curvature has been interpreted either as a fold or as a primary feature. In order to test these scenarios, a detailed structural analysis was conducted in the core of the NE-lobe, which consists of rocks of the Onaping Formation...
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