Fossil overpressures compartments? A case study from the Eifel area and some general aspects


Fluid overpressures are well known from hydrocarbon exploration in many sedimentary basins. They can reach almost lithostatic values, and may cause the fracturing of rock. Fracturing allows the discharge of fluid overpressure, and fluid flows along a hydraulic gradient towards a low pressure reservoir. Different mechanisms may cause the precipitation from the fluid, such as a fluid pressure drop, a variation of temperature at the low pressure reservoir, or a different rock type inducing different Eh-pH conditions. Such precipitates in fractures are called veins, which often display paleo-fluid overpressures in rocks. In this study, we present some results from Devonian clastic sedimentary rocks of the Eifel area. Results are compared with other sedimentary basins to highlight some general aspects.
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