Microstructural analysis of the RWTH-1 cores in thinsections


The Aachen RWTH-1 well was drilled to 2544mTVD for geothermal purposes and gives substance to extensive geoscientific research. It is located in a hydrothermally and seismically active area of the Aachen Anticline, 500m NW of the Aachen Overthrust and 420m ENE of the Laurensberg Fault. The main focus of this PhD work is the structural and microtectonic analysis of the cores sampled. For 94% of the total well length the collected cuttings give information of the lithology and stratigraphy of the subsurface. A total of 145.5m was cored in three different intervals. A complete set of wireline measurements including high resolution borehole image allow mapping of fractures and folds, and linking the core to the logs. About 100 core samples were selected for detailed microstructural analysis.
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