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This dictionary was compiled by hydrogeologists from Germany, Mexico and Nicaragua. German and Spanish expressions were established by native speakers, all of them with a good knowledge of English and some French. However no native English or French speaker has reviewed the dictionary so far. Using the dictionary you will additionally recognize that some translations are still missing in one or more languages while they are already available in others. Further some special expressions you are looking for might be neglected at all. The dictionary is published by now in order to make it available to as many scientists in the field of applied geology as possible, however it is still under construction and probably will ever be. We do think about adding definitions for at least part of the words and a more convenient way to query. If you find any mistakes, missing words or if you have any additional suggestions or want to participate in our multilingual dictionary project (e.g. with a further language) please feel free to contact Prof. Dr. Broder Merkel (merkel@geo.tufreiberg. de). At the end of this four lingual introduction you will find the dictionary applied geology in four versions, all of them contain all four languages, sorted by the language listed in the file name (“English dictionary”: expressions sorted by the first column English; “Deutsches Wörterbuch”: expressions sorted by the first column German, etc.). You may download each dictionary and use the search function of the Acrobat Reader to look for the desired expression. Articles are indicated behind each word with (f) for feminine, (m) for masculine, (n) for neutral. For some words several translations exist in one language or the other. They are listed in different lines below each other. All copyrights belong to the authors. Neither the whole dictionary nor parts of it are to be published by any other user. We hope this dictionary helps you working in the multilingual field of applied geology and you will help us to further improve it. Enjoy!
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