Gold Ore Treatment at Tetrem Small Scale Mine

Kategorien: Bergbau {Technik}


This publication is the continuation of a previous presentation of the operation and cost analysis of the partly mechanised Tetrem small scale gold mine which discussed in detail the mining, safety and environmental aspects of the venture. At Tetrem, various experiments with different machinery for crushing and grinding the ore in preparation for gravity separation (sluicing) were carried out and the results are presented. The trials led to the construction and application of suitable, locally obtainable equipment for such milling operations. Continuous weighing and sample checks at the different stages of the comminution and gravity separation provided interesting production and recovery data which could be of help for similar operations. Trials for improved recovery of gold from sulphidic ores were carried out and showed the restrictions of gravity separation when confronted with such „fresh ores“. The amalgamation process, recirculation of tailings, special handling of tailings for recovery improvements are described. An overview about the results obtained during six months of operation is presented. Improvements for the locally produced machines and problems with maintenance and repairs of the equipment as well as strategies to solve them are discussed. The experiences obtained in the marketing of the final gold product are critically outlined.
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