Community based natural resource management in Namibia

how does it influence local governance?


The focus of this research is on the socio-political effects of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) in Namibia. CBNRM transfers responsibility for and profits from wildlife to the local level. This is expected to have ecological, economic and socio-political effects. The main aim of this research was to assess the effects on local resource use governance. The institutional framework was analysed in relation to actor-specific factors. To this end an interactive visualisation tool (the power game) was developed. While CBNRM devolved power from the national to the local level, elite capture was prevalent locally. Interviewees saw the following problems: A gap between CBNRM actors and the rest of the community, an unclear and explosive role of the traditional authorities, a tense relations between NGOs and government, both following complementary goals but competing for power, high expectations that overburdened the projects
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