McLaren Vale Prescribed Wells Area groundwater monitoring status report 2002


South Australia's natural resources are fundamental to the economic and social wellbeing of the state. One of the state's most precious natural resources, water is a basic requirement of all living organisms and is one of the essential elements ensuring biological diversity of life at all levels. In pristine or undeveloped situations, the condition of water resources reflects the equilibrium between rainfall, vegetation and other physical parameters. Development of these resources changes the natural balance and may cause degradation. If degradation is small, and the resource retains its utility, the community may assess these changes as being acceptable. However, significant stress will impact on the ability of a resource to continue to meet the needs of users and the environment. Understanding the cause and effect relationship between the various stresses imposed on the natural resources is paramount to developing effective management strategies. Reports of investigations into the availability and quality of water supplies throughout the state aim to build upon the existing knowledge base, enabling the community to make informed decisions concerning the future management of the natural resources, thus ensuring conservation of biological diversity.
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