Local dimensions of a wider European neighbourhood

crossborder relations and civil society in the Hungarian Ukrainian border area ; the case of the EUDIMENSIONS project


With the concept generally known as Wider Europe, the European Union has mapped out an ambitious vision of regional Neighbourhood that goes beyond cooperation to involve a significant measure of integration. Furthermore, the EU sees this new quality of regional interaction and partnership as bringing enormous gains to all involved in terms of increased stability, security and well being. The EUDIMENSIONS (Local Dimensions of a Wider European Neighbourhood: Developing Political Community through Practices and Discourses of Cross-Border Co-operation) research project, financed under the European Union 6th Framework Programme, priority 7, chapter 4.2.1 (New Borders, New Visions of Neighbourhood), has sought to map and analyse crossborder cooperation and political contact-building between the European Union and neighbouring states, with a special emphasis on the development of civil society, economic interaction and the specific issue of gender in the crossborder relationship network. Crossborder cooperation in this respect has been understood as subject to changing political constellation and rhetoric, involving considerable tension between inclusion, or Neighbourhood (the European Union's efforts to integrate its wider neighbourhood in various forms of political and economic partnership) and exclusion, or Fortress Europe (the increasing securitisation of Europe's external borders in order to protect the community from unregulated flows of goods and people) ...
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