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    • Assessing the Potential for Mobilization of Old Soil Carbon After Permafrost Thaw: A Synthesis of 14C Measurements From the Northern Permafrost Region 

      Estop‐Aragonés, Cristian; Olefeldt, DavidORCIDiD; Abbott, Benjamin W.ORCIDiD; Chanton, Jeffrey P.ORCIDiD; Czimczik, Claudia I.ORCIDiD; Dean, Joshua F.ORCIDiD; Egan, Jocelyn E.; Gandois, LaureORCIDiD; Garnett, Mark H.; Hartley, Iain P.; Hoyt, AlisonORCIDiD; Lupascu, MassimoORCIDiD; Natali, Susan M.; O'Donnell, Jonathan A.; Raymond, Peter A.ORCIDiD; Tanentzap, Andrew J.; Tank, Suzanne E.ORCIDiD; Schuur, Edward A. G.ORCIDiD; Turetsky, Merritt; Anthony, Katey Walter (Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2020-09-14)
      The magnitude of future emissions of greenhouse gases from the northern permafrost region depends crucially on the mineralization of soil organic carbon (SOC) that has accumulated over millennia in these perennially frozen ...