Searching for documents in the repository can be done by entering search terms in a search field or by listing them according to predefined menu navigation criteria (browsing):
In the case of a search via the search field, this is a full-text search of the contents of the repository, i.e. both the metadata (e.g. title, keywords) and the full-text of the documents are searched.
  • Input options in the search field:
    • Use inverted commas to perform a phrase search. (e.g. "climate change").
    • If you want to explicitly exclude terms from the search, prefix them with a minus (e.g.: sediment -carbon).
  • Search within a collection or series: If you are in a collection or series, you can limit the search to this collection or series (select "In this collection" below the search field).
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options (via the settings icon) are available after entering a search term (above the hit list).
To browse the content of the repository, you can use the topic tiles or the categories on the right-hand side in the menu navigation. Here you can first access lists of collections, series or names of contributors. It is also possible to list all documents by publication date or all titles in alphabetical order. After selecting a collection or series, it is possible to list according to certain publication types as well as the names of the contributors or the assigned keywords in the collections or series.