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    • Loess‐Like Dust Appearance at 40 Ma in Central China 

      Meijer, NielsORCIDiD; Dupont‐Nivet, Guillaume; Barbolini, NatashaORCIDiD; Woutersen, Amber; Rohrmann, AlexanderORCIDiD; Zhang, Yang; Liu, Xiang‐Jun; Licht, AlexisORCIDiD; Abels, Hemmo A.; Hoorn, CarinaORCIDiD; Tjallingii, RikORCIDiD; Andermann, ChristoffORCIDiD; Dietze, MichaelORCIDiD; Nowaczyk, NorbertORCIDiD (Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 2021-03-01)
      Asian mineral dust has been studied extensively for its role in affecting regional‐to global‐scale climate and for its deposits, which enable reconstructing Asian atmospheric circulation in the past. However, the timing ...
    • Sporopollenin chemistry and its durability in the geological record: an integration of extant and fossil chemical data across the seed plants 

      Jardine, Phillip E.ORCIDiD; Hoorn, CarinaORCIDiD; Beer, Maxine A.M.; Barbolini, NatashaORCIDiD; Woutersen, Amber; Bogota‐Angel, Giovanni; Gosling, William D.ORCIDiD; Fraser, Wesley T.; Lomax, Barry H.; Huang, Huasheng; Sciumbata, Matteo; He, Huajie; Dupont‐Nivet, Guillaume (Palaeontology, 2021-01-31)
      Sporopollenin is a highly resistant biopolymer that forms the outer wall of pollen and spores (sporomorphs). Recent research into sporopollenin chemistry has opened up a range of new avenues for palynological research, ...