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    • Hyperspectral outcrop models for palaeoseismic studies 

      Kirsch, MoritzORCIDiD; Lorenz, Sandra; Zimmermann, Robert; Andreani, Louis; Tusa, Laura; Pospiech, Solveig; Jackisch, Robert; Khodadadzadeh, Mahdi; Ghamisi, Pedram; Unger, Gabriel; Hödl, Philip; Gloaguen, Richard; Middleton, Maarit; Sutinen, Raimo; Ojala, Antti; Mattila, Jussi; Nordbäck, Nicklas; Palmu, Jukka-Pekka; Tiljander, Mia; Ruskeeniemi, Timo (The Photogrammetric Record, 2019)
      The traditional study of palaeoseismic trenches, involving logging, stratigraphic and structural interpretation, can be time consuming and affected by biases and inaccuracies. To overcome these limitations, a new workflow ...