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    • Global Changes in Secondary Atmospheric Pollutants During the 2020 COVID‐19 Pandemic 

      Gaubert, BenjaminORCIDiD; Bouarar, Idir; Doumbia, Thierno; Liu, Yiming; Stavrakou, TrissevgeniORCIDiD; Deroubaix, AdrienORCIDiD; Darras, Sabine; Elguindi, NellieORCIDiD; Granier, Claire; Lacey, ForrestORCIDiD; Müller, Jean‐François; Shi, XiaoqinORCIDiD; Tilmes, SimoneORCIDiD; Wang, Tao; Brasseur, Guy P.ORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2021-04-27)
      We use the global Community Earth System Model to investigate the response of secondary pollutants (ozone O3, secondary organic aerosols SOA) in different parts of the world in response to modified emissions of primary ...