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    • Lake Van, Eastern Anatolia, Hydrochemistry and History 

      Reimer, Andreas; Landmann, Guenter; Kempe, Stephan (Aquatic GeochemistryAquatic Geochemistry, 2008)
      Saline, 450-m-deep Lake Van (Eastern Anatolia, Turkey) is, with 576 km3, the third largest closed lake on Earth and its largest soda lake. In 1989 and 1990, we investigated the hydrochemistry of the lake’s water column and ...
    • Microbialites and hydrochemistry of the crater lake of Satonda 

      Kempe, Stephan; Kazmierczak, Józef; Reimer, Andreas; Landmann, Guenter; Reitner, Joachim (Globale und regionale Steuerungsfaktoren biogener Sedimentation, 1996)
      The Satonda crater lake is up to now the only known "marine" lake with an increased alkalinity compared to seawater. Therefore, the lake contains a decreased amount of Ca2 +. Its pH values about 8.5-8.6. The lake was ...