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    • Papanin Ridge and Ojin Rise Seamounts (Northwest Pacific): Dual Hotspot Tracks Formed by the Shatsky Plume 

      Dürkefälden, AntjeORCIDiD; Geldmacher, JörgORCIDiD; Portnyagin, MaximORCIDiD; Garbe‐Schönberg, DieterORCIDiD; Werner, Reinhard; Müller, Dietmar; Hauff, FolkmarORCIDiD; Hoernle, Kaj (Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 2021-09-15)
      Although previous findings support an origin of the Shatsky Rise igneous plateau (Northwest Pacific) through interaction of a mantle plume with a mid‐ocean ridge triple junction, the evidence for the involvement of a mantle ...