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    • Revisiting global trends in freshwater insect biodiversity 

      Jähnig, Sonja C.ORCIDiD; Baranov, ViktorORCIDiD; Altermatt, FlorianORCIDiD; Cranston, PeterORCIDiD; Friedrichs‐Manthey, Martin; Geist, JuergenORCIDiD; He, FengzhiORCIDiD; Heino, JaniORCIDiD; Hering, Daniel; Hölker, FranzORCIDiD; Jourdan, JonasORCIDiD; Kalinkat, GregorORCIDiD; Kiesel, JensORCIDiD; Leese, FlorianORCIDiD; Maasri, AlainORCIDiD; Monaghan, Michael T.ORCIDiD; Schäfer, Ralf B.ORCIDiD; Tockner, KlementORCIDiD; Tonkin, Jonathan D.ORCIDiD; Domisch, SamiORCIDiD (Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 2020-12-31)
      A recent global meta‐analysis reported a decrease in terrestrial but increase in freshwater insect abundance and biomass (van Klink et al., Science 368, p. 417). The authors suggested that water quality has been improving, ...