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    • North Atlantic Drift Sediments Constrain Eocene Tidal Dissipation and the Evolution of the Earth‐Moon System 

      De Vleeschouwer, DavidORCIDiD; Penman, Donald E.ORCIDiD; D'haenens, Simon; Wu, Fei; Westerhold, ThomasORCIDiD; Vahlenkamp, MaximilianORCIDiD; Cappelli, CarlottaORCIDiD; Agnini, ClaudiaORCIDiD; Kordesch, Wendy E. C.; King, Daniel J.ORCIDiD; van der Ploeg, RobinORCIDiD; Pälike, Heiko; Turner, Sandra Kirtland; Wilson, PaulORCIDiD; Norris, Richard D.ORCIDiD; Zachos, James C.; Bohaty, Steven M.ORCIDiD; Hull, Pincelli M. (Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 2023-02-09)
      Cyclostratigraphy and astrochronology are now at the forefront of geologic timekeeping. While this technique heavily relies on the accuracy of astronomical calculations, solar system chaos limits how far back astronomical ...