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    • Fracture sealing in limestones, a microstructural and mineralogical study 

      Chatziliadou, Maria; Hilgers, Christoph; Sindern, Sven (11. Symposium "Tektonik, Struktur- und Kristallingeologie", 2006-03)
      Fractures significantly enhance the flow rate in rocks, if fracture density is high (Taylor 1999, Cox et al. 2001). This leads to rapid flux along a hydraulic gradient from high to low pressure reservoirs, and is represented ...
    • Grain coarsening and hydrothermal alteration in metacarbonates of the Damara Orogen, Namibia 

      Gross, Christian J. (11. Symposium "Tektonik, Struktur- und Kristallingeologie", 2006-03)
      Grain coarsening is a process that occurs in a wide variety of rock types. The application of grain growth theory to natural geologic materials has its beginnings in the theoretical foundations of the metallurgical ...