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    • Crustal Porosity of Lunar Impact Basins 

      Wahl, D.ORCIDiD; Wieczorek, M. A.ORCIDiD; Wünnemann, K.; Oberst, J. (Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 2020-04-18)
      Lateral variations in bulk density and porosity of the upper lunar highland crust are mapped using a high‐resolution Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) gravity field model and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) ...
    • Temperatures Near the Lunar Poles and Their Correlation With Hydrogen Predicted by LEND 

      Gläser, PhilippORCIDiD; Sanin, Anton; Williams, Jean‐PierreORCIDiD; Mitrofanov, Igor; Oberst, Jürgen (Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 2021-08-30)
      The lunar polar regions offer permanently shadowed regions (PSRs) representing the only regions which are cold enough for water ice to accumulate on the surface. The Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector (LEND) aboard the ...