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    • Detection, Analysis, and Removal of Glitches From InSight's Seismic Data From Mars 

      Scholz, John‐Robert; Widmer‐Schnidrig, Rudolf; Davis, Paul; Lognonné, PhilippeORCIDiD; Pinot, Baptiste; Garcia, Raphaël F.ORCIDiD; Hurst, KennethORCIDiD; Pou, LaurentORCIDiD; Nimmo, FrancisORCIDiD; Barkaoui, SalmaORCIDiD; de Raucourt, Sébastien; Knapmeyer‐Endrun, Brigitte; Knapmeyer, MartinORCIDiD; Orhand‐Mainsant, Guénolé; Compaire, NicolasORCIDiD; Cuvier, Arthur; Beucler, ÉricORCIDiD; Bonnin, MickaëlORCIDiD; Joshi, RakshitORCIDiD; Sainton, Grégory; Stutzmann, EléonoreORCIDiD; Schimmel, MartinORCIDiD; Horleston, AnnaORCIDiD; Böse, Maren; Ceylan, SavasORCIDiD; Clinton, John; van Driel, Martin; Kawamura, Taichi; Khan, AmirORCIDiD; Stähler, Simon C.ORCIDiD; Giardini, DomenicoORCIDiD; Charalambous, ConstantinosORCIDiD; Stott, Alexander E.ORCIDiD; Pike, William T.; Christensen, Ulrich R.ORCIDiD; Banerdt, W. BruceORCIDiD (Earth and Space Science, 2020-10-30)
      Abstract The instrument package SEIS (Seismic Experiment for Internal Structure) with the three very broadband and three short‐period seismic sensors is installed on the surface on Mars as part of NASA's InSight Discovery ...
    • Tectono‐Magmatic, Sedimentary, and Hydrothermal History of Arsinoes and Pyrrhae Chaos, Mars 

      Luzzi, Erica; Rossi, Angelo Pio; Carli, Cristian; Altieri, Francesca (Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 2020-12-23)
      Abstract Arsinoes and Pyrrhae Chaos are two adjacent chaotic terrains located east of Valles Marineris and west of Arabia Terra, on Mars. In this work, we produced a morpho‐stratigraphic map of the area, characterized by ...
    • Zeitschrift für Geophysik 32 / 3 

      Dieminger, Walter (Hrsg.) (Zeitschrift für Geophysik; 32; 1966)
      INHALTSVERZEICHNIS: VOLLAND, H.: The Flat Earth Approximation of the Theory of LF-Propagation . . . 127 ; GUHA, S.; Modellseismische Untersuchungen zur Entstehung der, reflektierten Refraktion . . . 139 ; GEYH, M. A.: ...