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    • Biogeochemical cycling of phosphorus in subsoils of temperate forest ecosystems 

      Rodionov, Andrei; Bauke, Sara L.ORCIDiD; von Sperber, Christian; Hoeschen, Carmen; Kandeler, Ellen; Kruse, Jens; Lewandowski, Hans; Marhan, Sven; Mueller, Carsten W.ORCIDiD; Simon, Margaux; Tamburini, Federica; Uhlig, David; von Blanckenburg, FriedhelmORCIDiD; Lang, Friederike; Amelung, Wulf (Biogeochemistry, 2020-10-01)
      Tree roots penetrate the soil to several meters depth, but the role of subsoils for the supply of nutrient elements such as phosphorus (P) to the trees is poorly understood. Here, we tested the hypothesis that increased P ...