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    • EXEQ and InEXEQ: software tools for experiment planning at the Extreme Environment Diffractometer 

      Bartkowiak, Maciej; Prokeš, Karel; Fromme, Michael; Budack, Anne; Dirlick, Juliane; Prokhnenko, Oleksandr (Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2020)
      The Extreme Environment Diffractometer was a neutron time-of-flight instrument equipped with a constant-field hybrid magnet providing magnetic fields up to 26 T. The magnet infrastructure and sample environment imposed ...
    • ogs5py: A Python‐API for the OpenGeoSys 5 Scientific Modeling Package 

      Müller, Sebastian; Zech, Alraune; Heße, FalkORCIDiD (Groundwater, 2020-06-16)
      High‐performance numerical codes are an indispensable tool for hydrogeologists when modeling subsurface flow and transport systems. But as they are written in compiled languages, like C/C++ or Fortran, established software ...
    • speckle-tracking: a software suite for ptychographic X-ray speckle tracking 

      Morgan, Andrew J.; Murray, Kevin T.; Quiney, Harry M.; Bajt, Saša; Chapman, Henry N. (Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2020)
      In recent years, X-ray speckle-tracking techniques have emerged as viable tools for wavefront metrology and sample imaging applications. These methods are based on the measurement of near-field images. Thanks to their ...