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    • Electrification of Experimental Volcanic Jets with Varying Water Content and Temperature 

      Stern, S.ORCIDiD; Cimarelli, C.ORCIDiD; Gaudin, D.ORCIDiD; Scheu, B.ORCIDiD; Dingwell, D.B. (Geophysical Research Letters, 2019)
      Volcanic lightning—a near ubiquitous feature of explosive volcanic eruptions—possesses great potential for the analysis of volcanic plume dynamics. To date, the lack of quantitative knowledge on the relationships between ...
    • The Influence of Grain Size Distribution on Laboratory‐Generated Volcanic Lightning 

      Springsklee, C.ORCIDiD; Scheu, B.ORCIDiD; Manga, M.ORCIDiD; Cigala, V.ORCIDiD; Cimarelli, C.ORCIDiD; Dingwell, D. B.ORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 2022-10-04)
      Over the last decades, remote observation tools and models have been developed to improve the forecasting of ash‐rich volcanic plumes. One challenge in these forecasts is knowing the properties at the vent, including the ...