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    • Preliminary Statistical Comparisons of Spin‐Averaged Electron Data From Arase and Van Allen Probes Instruments 

      Szabó‐Roberts, MátyásORCIDiD; Shprits, Yuri Y.ORCIDiD; Allison, Hayley J.ORCIDiD; Vasile, Ruggero; Smirnov, Artem G.ORCIDiD; Aseev, Nikita A.ORCIDiD; Drozdov, Alexander Y.ORCIDiD; Miyoshi, YoshizumiORCIDiD; Claudepierre, Seth G.ORCIDiD; Kasahara, SatoshiORCIDiD; Yokota, ShoichiroORCIDiD; Mitani, TakefumiORCIDiD; Takashima, Takeshi; Higashio, Nana; Hori, Tomo; Keika, KunihiroORCIDiD; Imajo, ShunORCIDiD; Shinohara, IkuORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 2021-07-06)
      Following the end of the Van Allen Probes mission, the Arase satellite offers a unique opportunity to continue in‐situ radiation belt and ring current particle measurements into the next solar cycle. In this study we compare ...