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    • Biogeochemie von Hochmoortorfen und Umweltwandel im Erzgebirge (Mitteleuropa) 

      Scheithauer, Jörg; Grunewald, Karsten (TELMA - Berichte der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Moor- und Torfkunde; Band 36; 2006)
      Abstract: Peat bogs are spread over the upper altitudes in the low mountain range „Erzgebirge“. Beside the drainage especially climate change and change of depositions affect the peat quality. The microbial activity and ...
    • Carbon in tundra soils in the Lake Labaz region of arctic Siberia 

      Gundelwein, Andreas; Müller-Lupp, Thomas; Sommerkorn, Martin; Haupt, Erhard T.K.; Pfeiffer, Eva-Maria; Wiechmann, Horst (Blackwell Publishing2007-03-29)
      Large amounts of carbon are stored in permafrost-affected soils of the Arctic tundra. The quantity, distribution and composition of this carbon are important, because much of the carbon is likely to be released as a result ...
    • Das Moosfenn bei Potsdam – Langzeitstudie zu Vegetation und Nährstoffhaushalt eines brandenburgischen Kesselmoores 

      Landgraf, Lukas; Notni, Peter (TELMA - Berichte der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Moor- und Torfkunde; Band 34; 2004)
      Abstract: Isolated kettle hole mires within forests are among the last natural peatlands in Brandenburg. Consi- dering the high air-born input of Nitrogen and a high deficit water, we are uncertain if we will succeed to ...