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    • Process‐Based Flood Risk Assessment for Germany 

      Sairam, NiveditaORCIDiD; Brill, FabioORCIDiD; Sieg, TobiasORCIDiD; Farrag, MostafaORCIDiD; Kellermann, PatricORCIDiD; Nguyen, Viet DungORCIDiD; Lüdtke, StefanORCIDiD; Merz, BrunoORCIDiD; Schröter, KaiORCIDiD; Vorogushyn, SergiyORCIDiD; Kreibich, HeidiORCIDiD (Earth's Future, 2021-10-05)
      Large‐scale flood risk assessments are crucial for decision making, especially with respect to new flood defense schemes, adaptation planning and estimating insurance premiums. We apply the process‐based Regional Flood ...
    • Quantifying Flood Vulnerability Reduction via Private Precaution 

      Sairam, NiveditaORCIDiD; Schröter, KaiORCIDiD; Lüdtke, StefanORCIDiD; Merz, BrunoORCIDiD; Kreibich, HeidiORCIDiD (Earth's Future, 2019-03-04)
      Private precaution is an important component in contemporary flood risk management and climate adaptation. However, quantitative knowledge about vulnerability reduction via private precautionary measures is scarce and their ...