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    • Bayesian Calibration Points to Misconceptions in Three‐Dimensional Hydrodynamic Reservoir Modeling 

      Schwindt, SebastianORCIDiD; Callau Medrano, SergioORCIDiD; Mouris, KilianORCIDiD; Beckers, FelixORCIDiD; Haun, StefanORCIDiD; Nowak, WolfgangORCIDiD; Wieprecht, SilkeORCIDiD; Oladyshkin, SergeyORCIDiD (Water Resources Research, 2023-03-02)
      Three‐dimensional (3d) numerical models are state‐of‐the‐art for investigating complex hydrodynamic flow patterns in reservoirs and lakes. Such full‐complexity models are computationally demanding and their calibration is ...