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    • The Global Seismic Moment Rate of Mars After Event S1222a 

      Knapmeyer, M.ORCIDiD; Stähler, S.ORCIDiD; Plesa, A.‐C.ORCIDiD; Ceylan, S.ORCIDiD; Charalambous, C.ORCIDiD; Clinton, J.; Dahmen, N.ORCIDiD; Durán, C.; Horleston, A.ORCIDiD; Kawamura, T.ORCIDiD; Kim, D.; Li, J.; Plasman, M.; Zenhäusern, G.ORCIDiD; Weber, R. C.ORCIDiD; Giardini, D.ORCIDiD; Panning, M. P.ORCIDiD; Lognonné, P.ORCIDiD; Banerdt, W. B.ORCIDiD (Geophysical Research Letters, 2023-04-06)
      The seismic activity of a planet can be described by the corner magnitude, events larger than which are extremely unlikely, and the seismic moment rate, the long‐term average of annual seismic moment release. Marsquake ...