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    • Ocean Model Formulation Influences Transient Climate Response 

      Semmler, TidoORCIDiD; Jungclaus, JohannORCIDiD; Danek, ChristopherORCIDiD; Goessling, Helge F.ORCIDiD; Koldunov, Nikolay V.ORCIDiD; Rackow, ThomasORCIDiD; Sidorenko, DmitryORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2021-12-05)
      The transient climate response (TCR) is 20% higher in the Alfred Wegener Institute Climate Model (AWI‐CM) compared to the Max Planck Institute Earth System Model (MPI‐ESM) whereas the equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) ...