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    • Fast EVP Solutions in a High-Resolution Sea Ice Model 

      Koldunov, Nikolay V.ORCIDiD; Danilov, SergeyORCIDiD; Sidorenko, DmitryORCIDiD; Hutter, NilsORCIDiD; Losch, MartinORCIDiD; Goessling, HelgeORCIDiD; Rakowsky, NataljaORCIDiD; Scholz, PatrickORCIDiD; Sein, DmitryORCIDiD; Wang, QiangORCIDiD; Jung, ThomasORCIDiD (Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 2019)
      Sea ice dynamics determine the drift and deformation of sea ice. Nonlinear physics, usually expressed in a viscous-plastic rheology, makes the sea ice momentum equations notoriously difficult to solve. At increasing sea ...