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The Role of Moisture Conveyor Belts for Precipitation in the Atacama Desert8189
Steckbriefe Moorsubstrate, 2. Auflage5781
[Neue Nr. 4425] Göttingen / Geologische Karte2448
Freisetzung von Treibhausgasen aus deutschen Mooren2311
13th Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biota (MTE13)2246
Historical Earthquakes, Paleoseismology, Neotectonics and Seismic Hazard: New Insights and Suggested Procedures1913
Dictionary Applied Geology English – French – German – Spanish1899
[Neue Nr. 5202] Aachen / Geologische Karte1899
[Neue Nr. 4029] Vienenburg / Geologische Karte1754