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    • Authigenic Formation of Clay Minerals in the Abyssal North Pacific 

      Steiner, ZviORCIDiD; Rae, James W. B.ORCIDiD; Berelson, William M.; Adkins, Jess F.; Hou, YiORCIDiD; Dong, SijiaORCIDiD; Lampronti, Giulio I.; Liu, Xuewu; Achterberg, Eric P.ORCIDiD; Subhas, Adam V.ORCIDiD; Turchyn, Alexandra V.ORCIDiD (Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2022-11-10)
      Present estimates of the biogeochemical cycles of calcium, strontium, and potassium in the ocean reveal large imbalances between known input and output fluxes. Using pore fluid, incubation, and solid sediment data from ...