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    • Long‐Period Astronomical Forcing of Westerlies' Strength in Central Asia During Miocene Climate Cooling 

      Frisch, KonstantinORCIDiD; Voigt, SilkeORCIDiD; Verestek, VerenaORCIDiD; Appel, ErwinORCIDiD; Albert, RichardORCIDiD; Gerdes, AxelORCIDiD; Arndt, Iris; Raddatz, JacekORCIDiD; Voigt, Thomas; Weber, YukiORCIDiD; Batenburg, Sietske J.ORCIDiD (Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 2019-11-29)
      The continental expression of global cooling during the Miocene Climate Transition in Central Asia is poorly documented, as the tectonically active setting complicates the correlation of Neogene regional and global climatic ...
    • Testing the preservation potential of early diagenetic dolomites as geochemical archives 

      Mueller, MathiasORCIDiD; Igbokwe, Onyedika A.; Walter, Benjamin; Pederson, Chelsea L.ORCIDiD; Riechelmann, Sylvia; Richter, Detlev K.; Albert, RichardORCIDiD; Gerdes, AxelORCIDiD; Buhl, Dieter; Neuser, Rolf D.; Bertotti, Giovanni; Immenhauser, AdrianORCIDiD (Sedimentology, 2019-10-25)
      Early marine diagenetic dolomite is a rather thermodynamically‐stable carbonate phase and has potential to act as an archive of marine porewater properties. However, the variety of early to late diagenetic dolomite phases ...