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    • Sources of Uncertainty in Regional and Global Terrestrial CO2 Exchange Estimates 

      Bastos, A.ORCIDiD; O'Sullivan, M.; Ciais, P.ORCIDiD; Makowski, D.; Sitch, S.ORCIDiD; Friedlingstein, P.; Chevallier, F.ORCIDiD; Rödenbeck, C.ORCIDiD; Pongratz, J.ORCIDiD; Luijkx, I. T.; Patra, P. K.ORCIDiD; Peylin, P.; Canadell, J. G.ORCIDiD; Lauerwald, R.ORCIDiD; Li, W.ORCIDiD; Smith, N. E.; Peters, W.ORCIDiD; Goll, D. S.ORCIDiD; Jain, A.K.ORCIDiD; Kato, E.ORCIDiD; Lienert, S.ORCIDiD; Lombardozzi, D. L.ORCIDiD; Haverd, V.; Nabel, J. E. M. S.ORCIDiD; Poulter, B.ORCIDiD; Tian, H.; Walker, A. P.ORCIDiD; Zaehle, S.ORCIDiD (Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2020)
      The Global Carbon Budget 2018 (GCB2018) estimated by the atmospheric CO 2 growth rate, fossil fuel emissions, and modeled (bottom-up) land and ocean fluxes cannot be fully closed, leading to a “budget imbalance,” highlighting ...