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    • Past penguin colony responses to explosive volcanism on the Antarctic Peninsula 

      Roberts, Stephen J.; Monien, PatrickORCIDiD; Foster, Louise C.; Loftfield, Julia; Hocking, Emma P.; Schnetger, BernhardORCIDiD; Pearson, Emma J.; Juggins, Steve; Fretwell, Peter; Ireland, Louise; Ochyra, Ryszard; Haworth, Anna R.; Allen, Claire S.; Moreton, Steven G.; Davies, Sarah J.; Brumsack, Hans-JürgenORCIDiD; Bentley, Michael J.; Hodgson, Dominic A. (2017)
      Changes in penguin populations on the Antarctic Peninsula have been linked to several environmental factors, but the potentially devastating impact of volcanic activity has not been considered. Here we use detailed ...