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  • Crystal structure and characterization of magnesium carbonate chloride heptahydrate 

    Rincke, Christine; Schmidt, Horst; Buth, Gernot; Voigt, Wolfgang (Acta Crystallographica Section C, 2020)
    MgCO3·MgCl2·7H2O is the only known neutral magnesium carbonate containing chloride ions at ambient conditions. According to the literature, only small and twinned crystals of this double salt could be synthesised in a ...
  • The Effect of Water on Ionic Conductivity in Olivine 

    Fei,Hongzhan; Druzhbin,Dmitry; Katsura,Tomoo (Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 2020)
    High-temperature ionic conductivity in olivine single crystals has been measured in the [100], [010], and [001] crystallographic orientations as a function of pressure from 2 to 10 GPa, temperature from 1450 to 2180 K, and ...
  • Effect of Fe3+ on Phase Relations in the Lower Mantle: Implications for Redox Melting in Stagnant Slabs 

    Sinmyo, RyosukeORCIDiD; Nakajima, YoichiORCIDiD; McCammon, Catherine A.ORCIDiD; Miyajima, NobuyoshiORCIDiD; Petitgirard, Sylvain; Myhill, RobertORCIDiD; Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Frost, Daniel J.ORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 2019)
    Recent studies have revealed that Earth's deep mantle may have a wider range of oxygen fugacities than previously thought. Such a large heterogeneity might be caused by material subducted into the deep mantle. However, ...
  • Sampling soil water along the pF curve for δ2H and δ18O analysis 

    Orlowski, NatalieORCIDiD; Breuer, LutzORCIDiD (Hydrological Processes, 2020)
    Soil water stable isotopes are widely used across disciplines (e.g., hydrology, ecology, soil science, and biogeochemistry). However, the full potential of stables isotopes as a tool for characterizing the origin, flow ...
  • Direct and indirect luminescence dating of tephra: A review 

    Bösken, Janina JohannaORCIDiD; Schmidt, ChristophORCIDiD (Journal of Quaternary Science, 2019)
    In Quaternary studies, tephras are widely used as marker horizons to correlate geological deposits. Therefore, accurate and precise dating is crucial. Among radiometric dating techniques, luminescence dating has the potential ...

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